Peer Mentors

The Role of an SSSC Peer Mentor

Mentors in the SSSC hold two 1.5 hour shifts (three hours total) per week during the fall and winter semesters. During this time, you will spend your time either mentoring students one-on-one or working on other SSSC-related projects. Your first priority is to engage with students who have requested to be matched with a mentor over the summer, with the goal of developing a long-term mentoring relationship over the course of the year.

In addition to regular mentoring sessions, you will also meet with students identified by the Early Warning Initiative (EWI). Through EWI, the SSSC reaches out to various students who achieve a grade of 60% or lower in courses within the Faculty of Science at mid-terms and also contacts students who may be struggling at the end of each term. Mentors guide these students in developing the learning strategies and habits necessary for their personal, professional and academic growth.

Besides mentoring students, you will also work on other projects in the SSSC. These projects will depend on your focus area and may include preparing academic workshops, planning social engagement activities, and organizing supplemental career or academic resources for students. We are constantly looking for new ways to help Faculty of Science students, and our mentors have the creative freedom to propose and implement new ideas. One of the perks of being a mentor is getting to come up with fresh ways to make a difference in the Faculty of Science and to seeĀ ideas come to life with the resources and backing of the SSSC.

All volunteers in the SSSC are required to attend regular training sessions and community building activities throughout the year. There will be mandatory online training posted in August to be completed in your own time over the summer. You must complete all online training modules prior to the mandatory training session on Monday, September 4th (Labour Day) from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. If you do not complete any portion of training, you will not be able to continue as an SSSC volunteer. The training date is subject to change to reflect the restrictions in place in fall.

Mentor Duties

  • Complete all online training modules over the summer and attend the initial in-person mandatory training session on Monday, September 4th from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. The Training date is subject to change depending on the restrictions in place in fall.
  • Attend mandatory training sessions given by the SSSC staff throughout the school year; each training will include an online portion and an in-person portion offered at multiple times during a week
  • You will be assigned 2-6 mentees in July as a part of the Summer Matchup program; you will be in charge of contacting the mentees at least once in July, and again in August and September to answer any questions they may have about coming to Carleton
  • Attend and help with Academic Orientation Day (AOD) on Tuesday, September 5th from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm (Orientation Leaders are exempt from attending as a part of the SSSC)
  • Volunteer for two 1.5 hour shifts per week in the SSSC between the hours of 10:00 am and 4:00 pm (EST) Monday through Friday
  • Regularly meet with and provide support to assigned mentees
  • Meet individually with students who are identified through the Early Warning Initiative
  • Maintain accurate records of mentoring sessions and support strategies proposed and/or used
  • Meet and have regular communication with SSSC staff in order to give and receive feedback, suggestions, and recommendations on SSSC projects and programming
  • Work on projects within one of the focus areas or work on implementing fresh ideas.


  • Have a 9.0 CGPA at the time of application (the average SSSC mentor CGPA is 11.0, and academic strength is considered in the application process); students who struggled early in their academic career and demonstrate exceptional academic improvement in upper-years will also be considered
  • Be willing and able to act as a role model for other students in the Faculty of Science
  • Display outstanding leadership, initiative, communication, and organizational skills
  • Have a proven ability to work effectively in a team environment and without direct supervision
  • Have extensive knowledge of on-campus services and resources and/or the desire to increase this knowledge
  • Previous mentoring or facilitation experience an asset
  • Excellent public speaking skills an asset

Mentor Focus Areas

Career Team

  • Mentor and motivate undergraduate Faculty of Science students interested in establishing a career outside of health care
  • Mentor and motivate students interested in pursuing graduate work or looking for undergraduate research opportunities
  • Liaise with science faculty to organize and promote Science Lab Tour Week
  • Maintain the SSSC webpage of volunteer and research opportunities for undergraduate Science students
  • Plan a series of workshops and events about science-related career development, graduate school, undergraduate research, and create related resources
  • Assist in special event planning, promotion, and execution

Community Team

  • Mentor and motivate undergraduate Faculty of Science students
  • Assist with planning one large social event for Faculty of Science students each semester (ex. Science Kindness Week)
  • Organize volunteer opportunities such as the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup
  • Present workshops related to academics in the Faculty of Science
  • Assist in special event planning, promotion, and execution

Computer Science Team

  • Mentor and motivate undergraduate students majoring in Computer Science
  • Assist with planning and executing the Computer Science Industry Mixer and the Carleton Coding Challenge
  • Present a series of workshops related to Computer Science
  • Work on tech-related projects in the SSSC, particularly the SSSC website
  • Assist in special event planning, promotion, and execution

Health Care Team

  • Mentor and motivate undergraduate Faculty of Science students interested in pursuing further studies the field of health care
  • Liaise with student clubs and organizations to organize and promote events
  • Update existing SSSC resources on entrance requirements for medical school and other health care programs
  • Plan a series of workshops about health care education and create related resources
  • Assist in special event planning, promotion and execution. Assist with coordinating events such as Med Night..

Kick-Start into Science Coordinator (up to four positions available)

  • Plan and execute a four-week long weekly workshop series in September and early October; your workshop series will be based on a theme: First-Year Science Accelerator (general skills) or Medical School Preparation. Please indicate in your cover letter which theme you would prefer to lead.
  • Plan activities for each weekly workshop including giving presentations and inviting guest speakers
  • Kick-Start into Science Coordinators will work in pairs when possible to successfully execute all activities
  • Report back to the SSSC staff about the success of the workshops including attendance, feedback received on each topic and any suggestions on ways to improve programming for future years

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Student Ambassadors

  • Work with the EDI Committee and the Science Student Success Centre to educate themselves on EDI issues, particularly those prevalent at Carleton University and in the Faculty of Science
  • Promote their knowledge and understanding by running 1 workshop each semester that showcases current social justice issues, initiatives (Carleton-wide, national or international), and brings in speakers to help facilitate honest discussions and safe opportunities to ask questions
  • Members of the EDI Team will have the option to be part of another SSSC Team (see full list above) upon request

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