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Study Tips for Earth Science


Labs in earth sciences typically consist of worksheets that are handed in at the end of class, but can also include quizzes that are conducted at the beginning of the next lab section.

  • It is very important to maximize your time with the rock samples - this will ensure your success on the labs
  • Go to office hours if you’re feeling uncertain about identifying any of the samples, the TAs are there to help you and have an abundance of knowledge
  • Ask questions during the lab - most likely another student will have the same question as you!
  • The lab manuals are very helpful, but cannot explain specific samples or point out important features so make sure you get hands-on experience in the lab while you can
  • Double-check with a TA that you’re identifying the rocks properly
  • Learn all the classification systems


  • Discuss any difficult concepts with the professor, they are there to help you succeed. Their office hours are available on your Brightspace or on their website
  • Take effective notes!
    • It is important to pay attention and write down important information. Earth Sciences include a lot of diagrams and pictures, but fewer words. Make sure you make notes that will help you remember later - you will remember stuff better if you write in your own words, as opposed to dictating word-for-word
  • Review lectures and notes when you have free time     
    • There is a lot of memorization involved with earth science, so revision is necessary to help you remember important information
    • Split up studying into chunks so it is less daunting. Study for 1 hour, take a 15-minute break, and then study for another hour. Splitting your study time up into smaller chunks will not only help you stay focused, but it is actually more effective for your memorization!
  • Find a study technique that works for you:
    • Flashcards
    • Study sheets
    • Reviewing in groups
    • Rereading lecture notes
    • Reading the textbook
    • Rewriting lecture notes
    • Making concept maps/redraw diagrams to help you visual the content


Last updated 08/10/2023

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