Physics Resources

Where can I get help?

Physics Undergraduate Advisor
Dr. Kevin Graham
Physics majors can contact him for help with course selection.

Physics Drop-in Centre
A drop-in resource staffed by physics graduate students. Any student who needs help with physics courses can use the Centre at no charge.

Physics Tutors
The Department of Physics manages requests for tutoring, and pairs up students with graduate students. Contact the departmental administrator, Physics.Undergrad [at] (Joanne Martin), for further information. Tutoring is not a free service.

SSSC Mentors
If you would like to talk about specific study habits and methods, SSSC mentors can help you. Feel free to drop in or make an appointment on mySuccess (Access MySuccess through Carleton360) and click on Science Student Success Centre. Find a Physics mentor by searching for Physics at Meet Our Mentors.

Useful Links

An online physics resource run by physicists. Good for referencing equations, and has web-based calculator functionality.

Khan Academy
Video-based online classes on physics. Especially useful for first-year topics.

Walter Lewin’s MIT Physics Lectures
Excellent resource for physics students. Lectures on calculus-based first-year physics.

There are lots of pages on physics topics and good resources in the references. It can be helpful to review to get a conceptual idea of a topic.

Wolfram Alpha
Online database used for computations, unit conversions, solving equations, and more.


Last updated 08/10/2023

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