Research is a key aspect of many degree programs within the Faculty of Science. For students who want to learn beyond the classroom, participating in hands-on research is absolutely key. The SSSC offers opportunities for students to learn how to get involved in research, funding opportunities, and what research is really like.

We offer workshops on:

  • Applying to Graduate School
  • Finding the Right Honours Thesis Supervisor
  • Getting Into Research
  • How to Apply for a Dean's Summer Research Internship (DSRI)
  • How to Design a Thesis Poster
  • Poster Presentation Practice

Science Lab Tour Week

Each January, the SSSC organizes Science Lab Tour Week where over 20 researchers in the Faculty of Science offer tours of their labs and give presentations about their amazing research. Students are invited to see the labs, hear the presentations, and find out from the researchers how to get involved in their research as a volunteer, a paid student researcher, or to complete an undergraduate thesis.

For more details, see our events page.

A student researching earth science

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