MATH4U is a specially designed math refresher resource for first-year students entering degree programs at Carleton with a math component. Having a strong base of mathematics knowledge and knowing study techniques to approach the subject material are essential in first-year university math. MATH4U ensures that students have the building blocks they need to participate and succeed in math-intensive university programs and is coordinated by the Science Student Success Centre in the Faculty of Science.

All incoming 1st year undergraduate students with a math component (Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering, Sprott School of Business and Faculty of Public Affairs) to their program will be automatically enrolled on Brightspace for access to free, pre-recorded lectures and knowledge evaluation tests that cover math fundamentals. If you would like access to the material and do not have first year standing or do not fall under the Faculties listed above please email sssc [at]

Material is split up based on Faculty to allow students to cater their review to their specific needs. The lectures will cover a variety of basics such as:

  • Algebra (basic algebra, intervals, and simplifying algebraic expressions)
  • Equations (solving equations and inequalities, special formulas)
  • Graphs
  • Transcendental functions
  • Trigonometry

For 2023 - Earn a Bonus Mark in Your First Year Calculus Course!

Complete the post-MATH4U diagnostic test on Brightspace to gauge your math comprehension going into the fall semester and potentially earn a bonus mark in your first year Calculus course (MATH 1004, MATH 1007, MATH 1009, and MATH 1052)!

Think you might want more help? Consider signing up for MATH Matters, a paid one week long program that puts you in a group with other students in your Faculty and a Study Group Leader to help you learn the skills you need to succeed at Carleton.

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