Science Student Success Centre (SSSC) Testimonials

Students talk about what the Science Student Success Centre (SSSC) at Carleton University means to them.


How to Succeed in Online Courses

Online classes involved a lot of self motivation and understanding how you study best. Check out this video for advice on how to access videos and succeed at your online courses.


SSSC Mannequin Challenge

The SSSC does the mannequin challenge!


Getting into Undergraduate Research

The Science Student Success Centre (SSSC) gives tips on getting into undergraduate research in the Faculty of Science at Carleton University.


Medical School Video Series

Autobiographical Sketch

This video is about Autobiographical Sketch. Jared teaches you what is it and how to prepare to fill it out.


Med School Interviews

This video is all about the Multiple Mini Interviews and Panel style Interviews.


The MCAT, What is it

This video is about MCAT, Jared tells you what it is and what topics you will be tested on.

The MCAT, How to Prepare

Jared tells you all about how to prepare to take the MCAT and the options available to you.


Getting into Graduate School Video Series

What is Grad School?

Hanane will explain what Grad School is and why you should consider it after your undergrad.


Supervisors and Funding

Hanane will inform you on how to secure a supervisor and some funding options.


Top Tips: Veterinary School

Katharine teaches you all about getting into Veterinary school.


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