My Experience with Computer Science Co-op


Hi, my name is Veronica.  I am a fourth year computer science student and I just returned to classes at Carleton after a year of co-op jobs. I decided to do co-op so that I could experience some computer science placements before deciding on a career path. First, I spent 4 months as Software Developer in Test at You.i TV and then I spent 8 months working as System Engineer at General Dynamics Mission Systems – Canada.

Our Wonderful First Year Reps!

Welcome to the FYR blog! The SSSC’s First Year Rep team is full of awesome and dedicated first year student leaders who connect their classmates to all the amazing events and workshops run by the SSSC! A FYR’s main job is to make weekly in-class announcements, which not only allows them to hone in on their public speaking skills, but also gives them the opportunity to build connections with professors and make new friends. Check out what some of our First Year Reps have to say about their experience on the team and their first year at Carleton!

What I Learned From The Spruce Budworm

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I’m sure you’ve all heard the story behind how Penicillin was discovered. If you haven’t, here is some backstory. In 1928, a time without antibiotics (yikes!), an English gentleman by the name of Alexander Fleming was sorting through his petri dishes full of bacterial colonies. In one of his dishes he noticed a spot of mold growing.

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