What I Learned From The Spruce Budworm

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I’m sure you’ve all heard the story behind how Penicillin was discovered. If you haven’t, here is some backstory. In 1928, a time without antibiotics (yikes!), an English gentleman by the name of Alexander Fleming was sorting through his petri dishes full of bacterial colonies. In one of his dishes he noticed a spot of mold growing.

Rebuilding A Culture: From El Trapiché to North-Western Ontario


I was born and raised in a southern Ontario town named Chatham. A town known for its rich history as a major battleground during the War of 1812, as the most expensive lot on the Monopoly Canadian edition board, and for our very own Sam Panopoulos – the creator of Hawaiian pizza. Chatham is quaint, but it lacks opportunity. That’s why I decided to move to Canada’s capital – to study health science and neuroscience at Carleton University.

Welcome to the Faculty of Science

This is my favourite time of the year. Classes started last Wednesday and campus is active and buzzing again. First-year students are excited to begin their lives at university, and interacting with them reminds me of the limitless potential we have here at Carleton. The leaves are just starting to show glimpses of red and yellow, and I can look out the window of my office and see the new Health Sciences building nearing completion. Carleton is transforming in front of my eyes and everyone here can feel the underlying pulse of change.

It really is a spectacular time to be in the Faculty of Science.

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