Get Involved in Science Panel

5:30 pm
5:30 pm
SSSC (3431 Herzberg)

What is it like to do fieldwork in the Bahamas, research in Cuba, volunteer at a local hospital, present your work at a national conference, or record data while simultaneously being bitten by bluegills at the Queen's University Biological Biological Station? At the Get Involved in Science Panel, five upper-year students will talk to you about building your resume and making the most of your time at Carleton by participating in activities related to your degree. The panelists’ experiences include:

  • Participating in fieldwork
  • Conducting research on campus, locally and internationally
  • Being involved in student organizations in the Faculty of Science
  • Attending and presenting at conferences
  • Volunteering at area hospitals
  • PASS and PASC facilitation
  • Teaching Assistantships
  • Peer mentoring
  • Tutoring
  • Community outreach organizations and activities
  • International volunteering and service

Hear their stories and find out how, when and why to get involved in Science!


To register, please log onto Carleton Central and click on Science Student Success Centre under the mySuccess tab.

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