Writing a Lab Report 101

10:00am to 4:00pm
10:00am to 4:00pm
SSSC (3431 Herzberg)

Do you want to know what a strong lab report looks like? If so, be sure to stop by the SSSC throughout September 21st to chat with upper year science students and learn all you need to know about lab reports and assignments in various subject. Find out what sort of things your professors and TA's are looking for in a lab report, exploring topics like:

  • The typical sections of a lab report
  • How to show calculations
  • Building tables and graphs
  • When to include images and figures
  • Proper use of significant figures
  • Language and phrasing to explain and summarize the results.
  • Difference between an informal and formal lab
  • Preparing for Lab Exams
  • and so much more!

All students are welcome to drop-in during the day to get some lab report help. Registration is not required. 

Unavailable for this event or want online support? No worries! SSSC mentors are available throughout the week for both in-person and online appointments! Click here to learn how to make an appointment with an SSSC mentor today.

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