Poster Presentation Practice

SSSC (3431 Herzberg)

With Poster day only a few days away, this is your chance to practice your presentation skills and have someone look over your thesis poster/ defense before the big day! Sign up for a 20 minute presentation time slot and get valuable feedback from a panel of Carleton researchers, graduate students and science peers. During this presentation you will be given 15mins to present followed by 5mins of questions and feedback.

Also, for the best practice experience we recommend following the same conditions as your departments thesis defense / poster presentation. If your thesis coordinator has indicated that your presentation has a shorter time limit (ex. 10mins presentation- 10mins questions), we recommend following that format for your practice. If this is the case please notify the SSSC via email prior to your presentation. Additionally, your presentation does not need to be its final draft when you present this. This event is only for practice, and will not influence your final thesis grade.

Time slots will be offered throughout the day from 10:00am to 4:00pm. To register for this event login to mySuccess (Access MySuccess through Carleton360) and click on Science Student Success Centre. From there register for your preferred available time slot. If you need any assistance registering for this event, please email sssc [at] carleton.ca.

Poster with text. Red background. Title shown in black text on white rectangle: Poster Presentation Practice. Below on the left half, shows a four photo collage of people chatting and presenting their posters. On the right, text reads: An event for 4th-year science students in preparation for Poster Day! Get feedback on your thesis poster from a panel of Profs & Grad Students. Monday April 10th, 10:00am to 12:00pm and 1:00pm to 4:00pm. Only 15 time slots available! Register on mySuccess (Access through Carleton360) and click on Science Student Success Centre. Carleton University, Science Student Success Centre logo. Make sure to bring a digital copy of your poster (Powerpoint, PDF, etc.)

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