Hiring for a Study Group Leader

Study Group Leader Job Description

MATH Matters Study Group Leaders (SGLs) are in charge of leading two study groups each day of MATH Matters. MATH Matters students take math classes twice a day during the week and are divided into classes by Faculty. SGLs watch the lectures and take notes in order to identify areas that need attention during the study group. During study groups, SGLs not only reiterate material discussed in the class, but they also concentrate on helping students develop skills and approaches to problems that can be used towards future math challenges. They help students learn how to learn the material being covered.

Study Group Leader Pay

MATH Matters Study Group Leaders earn $1029.42. A contract with the Science Student Success Centre must be signed prior to MATH Matters and pay will be processed shortly after MATH Matters is completed.

Study Group Leader Schedule

  • Training: Early August (7 hours)
  • MATH Matters: August 21st-25th, from 9:00am-5:00pm

Specific Duties

  • Attend mandatory training in early August (Date TBA)
  • Attend all MATH Matters lectures specific to your field to take notes and identify areas in which students are having difficulty
  • Organize and lead study group sessions during the MATH Matters program
  • Develop handouts with tips, tricks and model questions to be used during study group sessions
  • Keep a list of activities done, questions raised, problems encountered and successful techniques used during study groups
  • Help students develop learning skills like test preparation and problem solving
  • Provide immediate feedback to course instructors in order to give them the opportunity to meet student needs during MATH Matters
  • Provide written feedback, suggestions and recommendations to the Program Supervisor, who will pass it along to course instructors
  • Assist with setup, student packages, printing, photocopying and other miscellaneous tasks that need to be done for MATH Matters
  • Attend meetings in the SSSC to submit feedback and progress to the MATH Matters Program Supervisor


  • Must be a current Carleton student pursuing or having completed an undergraduate degree at Carleton in Engineering.
  • Must have completed first-year university math with a minimum grade of A- or can demonstrate math proficiency through strong grades in multiple higher level math courses
  • Undergraduate students must have a minimum CGPA of 9.0
  • Display outstanding leadership, communication and organizational skills
  • Be self-motivated and able to troubleshoot unexpected problems
  • Have a proven ability to work both independently and in a team environment
  • Demonstrate mastery of:
    • Algebra (fractions, decimals, powers, roots, intervals, simplifying algebraic expressions, rationalizing, long-division)
    • Equations (solving linear and quadratic equations, completing the square, solving inequalities, special formulas like the difference of two squares, sum and difference of two cubes, the square and cube of a binomial)
    • Graphs (power functions, sketching and shifting graphs and the intersection of curves)
    • Transcendental functions (exponential and logarithmic functions)
    • Trigonometry (angles, right angled triangles, the law of sines and the law of cosines, trigonometric identities)
    • Calculus (introduction to limits and differentiation, integration)
  • Previous experience teaching or facilitating classes, seminars or activities is an asset
  • Knowledge of Carleton University’s student support services is an asset

To apply

Currently we are only seeking study group leaders for the engineering sections of Math Matters.

Please send an up to date resume and cover letter to mathmatters [at] carleton.ca by Friday April 14th.

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