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This is my favourite time of the year. Classes started last Wednesday and campus is active and buzzing again. First-year students are excited to begin their lives at university, and interacting with them reminds me of the limitless potential we have here at Carleton. The leaves are just starting to show glimpses of red and yellow, and I can look out the window of my office and see the new Health Sciences building nearing completion. Carleton is transforming in front of my eyes and everyone here can feel the underlying pulse of change.

It really is a spectacular time to be in the Faculty of Science.

As the Science Student Success Officer at Carleton University, I am in the blessed position of interacting daily with some of the most amazing students on this campus. Our volunteers in the Science Student Success Centre are truly passionate, giving, inspirational individuals. They mentor fellow students one-on-one, run workshops, organize social events for the Faculty of Science, and help plan and execute large networking events to help undergraduate students network with professionals and alumni. They dedicate their time and energy to improving services and, in the process, they make a huge impact on the lives of other Faculty of Science students. It is truly amazing to watch.

What we have in the Faculty of Science at Carleton is truly special. Many undergraduate students complete research projects, work in research labs, and get to participate in groundbreaking projects. Some travel across Canada and to countries around the world to work and volunteer. Many SSSC mentors have been involved in experiential learning and benefited from the hands-on learning opportunities Carleton provides to undergraduate students.

This blog is an opportunity for undergraduate students in the Faculty of Science to share their stories and give you a glimpse into the possibilities available to students who want to make the most of their Carleton experience.

I hope you enjoy their stories as much as I do!

Mandi Crespo
Science Student Success Officer
Faculty of Science
Carleton University

Yellow leaves and Dunton TowerStudents in the Quad at Carleton

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