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Sawsan A.

3rd Year Food Science and Nutrition
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About Sawsan A.

My name is Sawsan Abusharkh (pronounced suh-sin), I’m going into my third year as a Food science and Nutrition major and Biology minor. This will be my second year in the SSSC as a mentor and I’m so excited to be a Co-Coordinator for the Kick-Start into Science - Science Accelerator as well!!!

As you can probably figure out from my academic choices, I’m BIG on Food, if I’m not studying on campus then I’m either watching food videos in the SSSC (you already know those Tasty videos got me hungry 24/7) or talking to people mostly about food. I’m so heavily in love with food (aren’t we all though?!), which is why I’m working on multiple projects in the food science lab as an NSERC recipient this summer.

My biggest advice to any person going into their first year would be to never be scared of taking chances and getting out of your comfort zone. There’s much more to university than books and classrooms. So many opportunities so many chances so many ways to get involved on and off campus, you just need to be directed the right way (hint hint: pass by the SSSC to get more info about all the resources available ;) )

As a person who’s been through all of it the biggest advice I can give you is to try your best no matter how hard it gets to step back, stress less and enjoy it before it ends too quickly. I also recommend getting involved whether it’s on campus or outside and to choose one of your favorite hobbies or activities to grow and de-stress through. My main way to de-stress is through cooking (by now you understand food is a huge part of my life) which is so fun and a great way to forget about stress (until you have to do the dishes)

So if you have any questions about my profound love for food or how to get through first year or just need someone to talk to just pass by the SSSC, scream food and I will definitely pop out to help you!!!

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