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Avery V.

4th Year Computer Science: Mobile Computing
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About Avery V.

Hey! I’m Avery, and 2019-20 is my final year of my Bachelor of Computer Science in the Mobile Development stream. I’ve been a mentor at the SSSC for the past two years, and I’m super stoked to be back. This year, I’ll also be a co-team lead for the Computer Science team with Gina, which I’m really looking forward to! In my spare time, I love to play piano (I’ve been doing that for over 15 years!), train at my karate dojo (just earned my second-degree black belt), and play a variety of video games (LoL, Nintendo Switch, and more).

One of the best things I can recommend doing during your time at Carleton is expanding your comfort zone. This is something that I only really started to do myself two years ago, beginning with volunteering at the SSSC and becoming a member of Tespa Carleton, and I’ve noticed that I’m much more comfortable around people and in unfamiliar situations than I used to be. I feel like I’ve grown as a person thanks to stepping out of my comfort zone - meeting new people, trying new activities, and challenging myself to improve some of the social skills that I don’t use as often. The people I’ve met have become my friends and study partners, and have definitely made my experience at Carleton better.

Anyway, feel free to chat me up about any topic, academic or otherwise! When I’m on campus, I can generally be found at the library or hanging out at the SSSC. Looking forward to meeting all of you, and to seeing some familiar faces!

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