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Ally W.

4th Year Health Sciences: Biomedical Sciences
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About Ally W.

Hi! My name is Ally and I am a fourth year Honours Health Science student with a concentration in Biomedical Sciences and working on a minor in Biology. This will be my fourth year in the SSSC since I was a First Year Representative in my first year and a mentor for the last two years. I am super excited to be a Kick Start Science Accelerator Co-Coordinator this year within the centre

If I could give one piece of advice to the upcoming students it would be to get to know your professors by talking to them after class or going to their office hours. I found that by doing this it made asking questions much easier and the class not seem as intimidating when there are a lot of students. I also think it is very important to get involved on campus, whether it is within the science community or another club.

In my first year I got involved in the SSSC, in Campus to Community and some science related clubs. I have also been a residence fellow, a Bounce Back facilitator and the WileyPLUS Student partner. All of which provided me the opportunity to get to know the Carleton and Ottawa community a lot better which I believe made University feel a lot more like home. They are also a great way to make friends which are very beneficial for both creating study groups and relaxing after classes. I would honestly say that getting involved on campus has made my university experience so much better.

If you are ever in need of school advice or just want to talk, feel free to stop by the SSSC to talk to me or any of the other amazing mentors :)

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