Optometry School Information

Optometry in Canada

  • Optometry programs are between 4 and 5 years
  • Cost of studying in Canada is approx. $60,000-$70,000
  • Cost of studying in the United States is approx. $175,000-$200,000
  • Upon completion must satisfy provincial board requirements to be licensed in your province of choice

Optometry Schools

  • There are only two schools in Canada that offer OD programs
    • University of Waterloo (English program)
    • Université de Montreal (French Program)
  • There are 20 schools in the United States that offer OD programs recognized in Canada. For more information, visit http://opto.ca/becoming-a-doctor-of-optometry.

 General Prerequisites

  • Academic requirements
    • Complete 3 or more years in a Bsc (full course load)
    • GPA minimums for Canada must be at least 75%
    • Take first year courses with labs in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math
    • Additional courses may be required; English, Psychology, Second year sciences
    • Optometry Admissions Test
  • Non-Academic Requirements
    • Autobiographical Sketch
    • Confidential Assessment Forms or Reference Letters
    • Volunteer and Work experience
    • Interview!

Optometry Admissions Test (OAT)

  • This exam is used to measure your critical thinking and overall knowledge
  • Consists of four sections: Survey of Natural Sciences, Reading Comprehension, Physics Test and Quantitative Reasoning Test
  • This exam is around 5 hours long and is all multiple choice
  • Fee to write is $450

 Visit www.opted.org for more information.


Last updated 06/30/2021

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