Health Care

Health Care Team

The Health Care Team is responsible for providing information and support to students interested in pursuing professions in health care (optometry, dentistry, veterinary science, pharmacy, chiropratoric, physiotherapy, etc.). Students are invited to ask the team members questions regarding admission into professional colleges and medical school, MCAT exam preparation, personal interview preparations, volunteer opportunities, and research internships. Many events are offered cooperatively with the Carleton University Pre-Medical Society in order to offer additional opportunities to learn more about options in a professional program.

The Health Care Team also offers a wide range of activities, workshops and events to help students prepare for applying to professional schools. They keep the Health Care Resources section of the SSSC website updated with the latest information on considering and entering health-related professions.

Health Care Workshops

The Health Care Team offers a wide variety of workshops of each year to help students prepare for applying to medical school. They also bring in guest speakers to talk about medical school options and the application process. Workshops include:

  • Getting Into Medical School: The Basics
  • Getting Into Medical School: Extracurricular Activities 
  • Getting Into Medical School: The Character Sketch
  • Getting Into Medical School: MCAT Preparation
  • Getting Into Medical School: MMI Prep
  • Kaplan: MCAT Preparation
  • Prep 101: MCAT Preparation
  • University of Medicine and Health Sciences (UMHS), St. Kitts Information Session

Med Night

Each fall, the Science Student Success Centre hosts its annual Med Night, at which students interested in a career in health care can gather information about potential future paths.

The format of the event resembles "speed dating," and student participants move through a series of tables, each manned by industry professionals such as doctors, surgeons, nurses, hospital administrators, and current medical students. At each table, students can gain insight into possible careers in the medical field. They can also ask questions about the pros and cons of attending different medical schools, the medical school application process and key differences between possible specialties and fields of expertise.

Throughout Med Night, there is also an ongoing ‘mini-fair’ in an adjacent space where students can find out about student organizations, volunteer opportunities, medical schools, and professional services available to students interested in medicine.

Multiple Mini Interview Practice Session

The majority of Canadian medical schools use the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) format for interviews to gain admission to their schools. Each year the SSSC offers the MMI Practice Session to allow students to experience this format and prepare for real interviews. Interview questions are taken from medical school interviews from previous years and current medical students who have gone through the process in recent years are asked to help conduct the event. Professionals, current students and SSSC mentors administer the questions and offer feedback to participants This is done to ensure that at the end of each question and answer period the students are able to reflect upon and improve their interview skills.

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