Career Team

At the SSSC, we have a team of volunteers who are dedicated to helping Faculty of Science students get connected to careers outside of health care. The Career Team meets with students one-on-one to talk about career options, organizes guest speakers and events in which Carleton students can network with professionals in a variety of fields, and leads workshops discussing career options and paths.

Career and Research Workshops

The SSSC Career Team holds a variety of workshops that focus on helping students get connected to research on campus and job opportunities after graduation. The series includes multiple workshops on:

  • Applying to Graduate School
  • Finding the Right Honours Thesis Supervisor
  • Getting Into Research

Science Lab Tour Week

In 2014-2015 the SSSC offered the first annual Lab Tour Week. We contact professors and ask them to open their lab to students and give tours at least once during the week in order to connect students with the amazing research done at Carleton. The event was a huge success and doubled in size in January 2016 to include 22 professors!

Science Networking Forum

The SSSC holds the Science Networking Forum each winter. Professionals from a variety of fields are invited to participate in a "speed dating" event where students have a chance to meet and network with multiple professionals throughout the evening. Professionals talk about their education, their backgrounds, their career paths and how to enter their particular field. This casual environment allows students to freely ask questions and feel comfortable exploring possible future career paths.

Science Alumni Mixer

The SSSC is involved in holding an annual Science Alumni Mixer during Homecoming week. At the event, students speak with Carleton alumni to gain insights into a variety of career paths and make connections to help further their own career goals.

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