Academic Workshop Series

The Science Student Success Centre is dedicated to bring you timely workshops for general and course-specific Science needs. We offer workshops such as:

  • Excel Tips and Tricks
  • How to Succeed in Math
  • How to Write a Biology Lab Report
  • How to Write a Chemistry Lab Report
  • How to Write a Physics Lab Report
  • Preparing for Science Exams

Academic Support

Besides offering workshops, we also provide course-specific one-on-one and small group support. While we do not provide tutoring in computer science, math or science, students can meet with one of our mentors to discuss strategies on how to approach the subject material, ways to study for specific subject areas and specific classes, and general tips on how to format a lab report properly.

We also offer study groups for some Faculty of Science courses that do not have PASS sessions. These sessions are organized by SSSC volunteers and are open to anyone taking the course. While the SSSC volunteers may help other students study during these sessions, they are not required to take on the role of a facilitator. These study groups provide a relaxed atmosphere where students can meet and invest in their own learning.

Academic Services the SSSC Does Not Provide

The Science Student Success Centre does not provide tutoring or academic advising. For general academic advising (questions about changing majors, how to read your audit, etc.), visit Student Academic and Career Development Services. For major specific academic advising (choosing courses, degree requirements, etc.), please see your departmental advisor.

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