Find the Right Fit

There are many ways to find research opportunities on campus, but you need to be prepared when you start to look.

Know yourself

Find out what you are interested in and where your academic and research strengths lie. It is easier to motivate yourself to do good work if you do research in a field that you enjoy. Professors will want to know how you can contribute to their team so even though your grades are important, they need to know that you are capable of more than just that and a passion for the field is a good place to start.

Research Your Professors

Find a professor that is willing to work with you, but make sure that you do your homework before you contact them. Visit their websites in advance and find out about their interests and research to make sure that it interests you as well. You should know as much as you can about what they are doing before you have your first meeting.

Focus on your Grades

Research can be very challenging, so professors often search for outstanding students with excellent grades because they have demonstrated proficiency with their course material. The selection process for many research positions can be quite competitive, so you have to give yourself every opportunity to stand out from your peers.  If you do not have a strong GPA you will need to find other ways to sell yourself.

Be Persistent

Speak to as many people as possible. The staff in your faculty, departmental advisors, program directors, instructors, teaching assistants, and even other students may be able to make suggestions based on previous projects that they have been involved in. Don't give up.

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