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One of the most important things you can do as an undergraduate student is to gain hands-on experience especially if it is related to your field of study.

Not only will it help you understand concepts learned in class, build your leadership skills and strengthen your resume, but experiential learning can also deeply impact your life. Students in Computer Science, Health Sciences, Math and Science can experience their degrees in many ways – through research, co-op, fieldwork, internships, conferences, and through volunteer opportunities. Ask anyone who has participated in these types of activities and they will tell you not to miss out on these kinds of once of a lifetime chances.


Attending and presenting at conferences is a great way to get your work recognized and to build your resume. Here are some great conferences for undergraduate students in computer science, health sciences, math and science fields. And don't miss out on the Carleton University Faculty of Science Research Day each year!




Computer Science

Food Science

Earth Science and Geoscience






If you are majoring in Biology, Earth Sciences, Environmental Science, or Geography don't miss out on participating in fieldwork courses. You can see more information about courses being offered in the near future by visiting:

Hands-On Experience Funding

While some hands-on opportunities are free, others require you to have funding. There are some funds created specifically for hands-on experience and also ways that you can raise money. Here are some places to start your search for funding.

Mental Health

Therapy Assistance Online (TAO)

Health and Counselling Services will be piloting an online counselling program called TAO (Therapy Assistance Online). This platform provides counselling services to students with mild to moderate anxiety and depression by blending interactive online modules with face-to-face counselling via webcam. Learn more.

Mental Health and Well-Being Website

The new Mental Health and Well-Being website provides centralized information on mental health and well-being resources, supports and initiatives for our students.

More Feet on the Ground

More Feet on the Ground is an online training tool developed to provide information on how to support student mental health and addiction concerns. The tool contains several modules that can be completed with flexibility, including a brief online assessment of learning, references to local resources and a certificate upon completion.

Clubs & Societies

Get involved in a student society in the Faculty of Science! To see the most complete list of student societies at Carleton University, visit the CUSA website. If you don't see a society that you want, create your own!

External Clubs & Societies

Volunteer Opportunities

There are tons of volunteer opportunities in the Ottawa area and internationally. Whether you choose to get volunteer experience related to your major or outside of your field, you will create lasting memories and gain valueable knowledge that employers, graduate schools, medical schools and other professional schools love. Here is a short list of places to start your search for volunteer opportunities.

Local - General

Local - Science Related

International - General 

International - Science Related

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