Kick-Start into Science

Registration for Fall 2017 will open the last week of August. Check back here for updates.

Don't just survive university. Crush it! Kick-Start into Science maximizes opportunities for students in the Faculty of Science to adapt to change, conquer challenges and prove victorious at the end of the semester and beyond.

We are looking for students who love to learn, who believe that they have unlimited potential, who see failures as opportunities, and who want to challenge themselves to grow as much as possible during their time at university. If this describes you (or if you want this to describe you), Kick-Start can provide you with the challenge you crave to push yourself to develop to the highest degree as a student and as a person.

What is Kick-Start into Science?

Kick-Start is a series of weekly workshops that take place in the first four weeks of theĀ fall semester. You can choose from two different themes:

Each theme is led by two highly successful upper-year students in the Faculty of Science who have made the most of their time at Carleton and who want to help other students do the same. The Kick-Start Coordinators not only lead the weekly workshops, but they also mentor Kick-Start students one-on-one outside of the workshops.

Registration for each section is limited. Students must fill out the application form, including writing a paragraph on why you would like to be involved, in order to apply.

Why Participate in Kick-Start into Science?

Kick-Start is our way of handing you a stellar university experience in the Faculty of Science on a platter. By participating in Kick-Start, you will:

  • Meet other first-year students with similar interests in a small group setting who can push you to greater limits
  • Build a network of students, faculty and staff in the Faculty of Science
  • Collect information and tools from highly driven upper-year mentors
  • Learn specific information about your series topic
  • Create positive habits and abilities to help you be successful in the future
  • Find study partners, mentors, friends and allies
  • Get Co-Curricular Record (CCR) credit

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